5 Best Bill Belichick Quotes So Far This Season

Bill Belichick has always been one of the most entertaining interviews in the league. Here are some of his best quotes to get you prepared for this weekend's AFC Championship Game. Of course, we had to prep this with "so far", because he's bound to have a few more on Sunday.

5. "Twitter account, InstantFace, I don't have any of that"

While Belichick did surprisingly get the word "Twitter" right, he did create some sort of mixture of Instagram, MySpace, and Facebook in his second social media reference. This quote came from September of 2015 on an interview with Boston radio station WEEI.

4. "It's good"

After getting Tom Brady back from his four-game suspension, Bill Belichick was asked for his reaction on the return of possibly the greatest quarterback of all-time. Belichick kept it short and sweet like he normally does, "It's good," he replied.

3. "It seems like, football, we got a pretty good game here."

Belichick has devoted his life to the game of football, coaching for over 40 years in some capacity. His dad was a longtime scout, and even wrote a book on the correct way to scout, so of course Belichick had a great response for how much he loves football.

2. "He's won a lot. That's good."

Belichick is always so eloquent when discussing the greatness of his golden boy quarterback. He is right about Brady winning "a lot." The Brady-Belichick duo has won 4 Super Bowls together, including 183 total wins over the last seventeen seasons in New England.

1. "I don't Twitter, I don't MyFace, I don't Yearbook."

We obviously have to top the list with another classic Belichick mention of various non-existent social media platforms. MyFace, YourFace, Yearbook, and InstantFace would all be fantastic names for social networks, so maybe Belichick has a future creating apps in Silicon Valley.