​Jordy Nelson reportedly got his ribs fractured against the Giants. Even with the importance of their playoff game against the Cowboys, he should not be playing. He should be laying perfectly still in a bed until he can breathe normally.

But he's Jordy Nelson, tough as nails and willing to do whatever it takes to help his team win, and to hell with being able to walk without searing pain. He wants to play. But can he?

That's nowhere close to being determined, but according to Aaron Rodgers, Nelson has some ideas.

​​He's not wrong. Michael Vick, in the midst of a rib injury in 2012, played with a kevlar vest on.

You have to give Jordy Nelson credit - he truly won't go down without a fight. The question, in addition to whether he can even move, is whether he's even needed. He's the best receiver on the team, no question, but Rodgers had no issues whatsoever getting the ball into the hands of Randall Cobb and Davante Adams the rest of the game.

It remains unlikely that Nelson will play. He'd be at risk of getting his ribs hurt even worse, or other scary possibilities. Seems like even if that happened, however, the next week there would be articles about Nelson trying to get on the field in an iron lung.

He could do it.